Top 8 Benefits of an Asset Management Platform in Renewables

Renewable energy project management involves many challenges (stakeholder coordination, scattered documents, suboptimal workflow, cluttered inboxes, etc.) that professionals in the field have to face on a daily basis. The exponential development of renewables in recent years has led to a certain reorganization of asset management. It was necessary to find better ways to optimize Return on Investment (ROI) through the strategic management of operations, maintenance, projects and resources. Because capital investment in renewable energy projects becomes crucial, asset management platforms such as Arbox HAP® are essential allies for the different stakeholders.

1. Get Control of your Data

Creating data is easy. Knowing how to get value out of it, that's hard. The volume and diversity of data that asset owners experience can make it difficult to manage. Arbox HAP® is an asset management platform that centralizes your data and gives you a global overview on your activity. Our platform will help you to quickly identify what information you should retain and make use of to make decisions and deploy your strategy. Arbox HAP® dashboard has been designed for you to have a clear vision of your activity on a daily basis.

2. Central Repository

Arbox HAP® is a central repository for all your organization’s data. Whether it’s a report, asset information, task activity, note or more, it can be stored in one place. This centralization of information helps our customers avoid the hassle of searching for data. Simplify your reporting process with this single source in place.

3. Project Management

With Arbox HAP®, employees have a way to collaborate on projects by sharing documents, timelines and status updates. Plan workflow with our built-in time scheduler. Assign deadlines to keep the project moving. Easily delegate tasks to the appropriate employee. Through it all, you will know your employees have access to the information they need since it's all centrally stored.

4. Time Savings through Automation

Automation will make you save an incredible amount of time. Why would you have to repeat a function every day when Arbox HAP® can do it for you? Focus on your core activity and let the platform generate reports, notifications and alerts for you.

5. Collaboration

Because so many different stakeholders have to work together on a same project, Arbox HAP® makes collaboration easy. Forget massive email chains of excel files, with Arbox HAP®, the data stays in one spot and you control who logs in and what they are allowed to see. When managing workflow, as soon as a task is assigned, the responsible party is given a notification of their work.

6. Process Optimization through Business Intelligence

We strive to develop advanced analytical tools to help you optimize your business. Whether its side by side comparison of financial models, systematic evaluation of bids for an RFQ or time tracking analysis, we shine a data-driven light on your business. Use our tools and insight to make smart business decisions for your organization.

7. Maintenance Management

With no ongoing fuel costs, equipment failure represents a significant risk to operating costs for renewable energy facilities. Regular scheduled maintenance is essential to mitigate this risk. An excel spreadsheet is simply not sufficient to record all inspections, work orders, meter readings, costs and others. Adding further complexity is the communication between dispatcher, technician, insurance, owner, warranty providers and other stakeholders. Arbox HAP® is designed to help make these tasks simple and easy to ensure a profitable operation.

8. Procurement Tools

Applying a systematic approach of tracking and evaluating quotes can help ensure you consistently award your contracts to the best bidder. Arbox HAP® has built tools to help you integrate this into your business practice.

Arbox HAP®Platform is a software solution dedicated to all the stakeholders in the field of renewable energy (wind and solar) which helps them to manage their project life cycle from the beginning to the end, from assessment, financial modeling, project management, procurement, document management to live monitoring their assets.

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