Top 6 considerations for selecting Asset Management platform

Asset management software is a powerful tool that can help you manage your renewable energy plants in a more effective and accurate manner. With the right asset management software, you can save time through automation, get new insights on your business from collected data, maintain auditable records and easily share valuable information with various stakeholders.

Choosing the right software can be challenging. Here are 6 things to keep in mind while looking for asset management software.

1. Flexibility & Customizability:

As an asset manager, you’ve developed unique ways of managing your solar & wind facilities. The software you purchase should support and enhance your methodology rather than force you to a new convention. Things to look for are interfaces that are flexible enough to let you track the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are important to your organization. Additionally, the software should be capable of generating business documents that match your existing collateral. The software should adapt to your business, not the other way around.

2. Ease of Use:

You want to make sure this new software is easy to use and does not cause any operational challenges. It should be easy to navigate through and have a simple, friendly interface. It should be easily accessed from any place, from any device and at any time.

3. Ease of Integration:

Apart from the monetary cost of purchasing new software, you should also consider the opportunity cost. Integrating the new software with your systems should be done easily and swiftly. Every extra day spent on integration will cost you time and money and could result in loss of data. It’s important to know the time it would take to deploy the software and also the time required for training your staff to use the software.

4. Customer support:

Bad customer support can be stressful when you’re on a deadline and navigating technical issues. Ensure that there is a clear communication channel to reach support from your provider. Determine the quality of that support, is it a series of documents or a trained technician on a phone? How is training provided?  Does your software provider have a culture of customer engagement that makes it easy for you to report bugs or recommend new features?  Look for software that is invested in providing high quality user support.

5. Scalable:

The software you purchase should be scalable. This means that it should grow with your business at minimum cost to you. As your portfolio grows, the need for centralized data management increases. The software you pick should be able to accommodate any number of sites with no hassle to add new sites to your software.

6. Save Money:

At the end of the day, the asset management software you purchase should help you save time and capital. Find software that provides enough functionality that it can replace some of your existing software subscriptions. Look for features that save time like automatic report generation or invoicing, all-in-one monitoring or easy to use compliance management. In the long run, a centralized software should be able to save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct and indirect costs.

The HAP® Platform

The HAP® Platform is an innovative software solution dedicated to solving major problems Asset Managers face to manage their portfolio. HAP® can help you boost your bottom line and increase the ROI of your asset.  

HAP® is highly customizable and can easily be tailored to meet your needs. It is cloud based and requires no installation on your systems. The team at Arbox will help you integrate data from all your sites into HAP® so you won’t have to do it yourself. Our unique dashboard summarizes production data from all your sites and gives you quick access to this data in one glance. From automating invoices to creating tasks and activities, HAP® can make life easier for you.

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