Top 5 reasons why successful solar & wind asset managers use software

Managing a renewable energy asset involves more than managing on-site activities. If you’re an asset manager, you know that your days are busy switching between many different tasks and collaborating with many stakeholders. Centralizing your data and task management has the opportunity to save you a significant amount of time. Arbox Hap® is an asset management platform that covers renewable energy technologies and streamlines the tasks faced by wind & solar asset managers. Here are 5 reasons why successful asset managers in wind & solar use software:

1 • Automation

Why repeat time-consuming and dull functions every day when Arbox Hap® can do it for you? All asset data is centrally located allowing it to be pulled and inserted quickly and automatically. Instead of repetitively entering contact information, manually generating reminders in Outlook, or developing your own Excel tracking sheets, Arbox Hap® can automatically schedule tasks, and links your existing data making your speeding your regular asset tracking activities.

2 • Tracking

As an asset manager, being able to have a view live status of your projects status and work in progress in real time is a great benefit that will help you in your daily activities. Arbox Hap® can pull data from low level devices through SCADA APIs to put all your date in one place. When the data is centralized, you can access the information you care about faster, without learning multiple different interfaces saving you time and frustration.

3 • Compliance

Compliance obligations are typically a set of itemized steps that must be completed by a certain date. They come from many sources including contract terms, regulations and company policies. Missing any one can be a costly mistake resulting in downtime, litigation, contract disputes. Arbox Hap® tracks the status of all these obligations and provide reminders to ensure you never miss a single one.

4 • Invoicing

Arbox Hap’s® cloud-based invoicing tool is capable of pulling electrical generation data, linking it to payment terms and generating invoices. It can do this for all sites, it can run automatically and it can notify the necessary stakeholders. When you switch to Arbox Hap®, invoicing becomes a breeze.

5 • Reporting

Report automation reduces the time you needed to generate and distribute reports to your collaborators. No more manually searching for data and inserting it into a word template, Arbox Hap® pulls the values and generates a pdf automatically. Have to maintain a list of stakeholders who need access to the report? After generating the report, Hap® can automatically send it via email. This feature is essential for asset managers who often face an unpredictable workload making difficult an efficient business reporting management.

Intelligent and proactive asset management is key to maximizing asset performance

Arbox HAP® is a software solution dedicated to solving pain points felt by asset managers in solar & wind industry. Our customers are able to do more with less. The benefits provided by software asset management are numerous and it is essential that it be considered as an important optimization lever within organizations.

Arbox Hap® is trusted by many asset managers and tailored for them. Our tool will ensure all compliance issues are dealt with efficiently while boosting your assets' financial performance. As the renewables industry is constantly evolving, we are developing Arbox Hap® on an ongoing basis. We make the necessary adjustment to our software to meet changing market conditions so you can take advantage of new opportunities.

Contact us today to book a demo if you want to learn how Arbox Hap® can benefit your business and increase your ROI.