Operations & Maintenance Providers

Arbox works well with O&M providers as a platform designed to manage technical, monitoring and reporting responsibilities for any size portfolio.

Popular Features:

  • Monitoring Dashboard
    Do you have multiple monitoring systems? Use the Arbox monitoring dashboard to consolidate all your monitoring into one centralized featurefull system
  • Work Orders
    Lift your O&M teams to a greater level of accountability by maintaining a record of all work orders completed by internal staff and third party services.
  • Reporting
    Reports are customizable and automated using data from all modules in the system. When all of your data is consolidated in one system, reporting becomes much less time consuming compared to traditional practises.
  • Asset Registry
    Keep track of your inventory across your projects or even warehouses. Notify procurement teams when levels are running low.
  • Contracts
    Track your contract rates and terms in this popular tool. Automate the calculation of your revenue numbers based on actual or expected generation and transfer this data directly into our invoicing tool.
  • Estimates/Invoicing
    Create your estimates and invoices based on custom templates to keep record of all project activity and finances.
  • Technical Alarm
    Track alarm history and acknowledge current issues on each of your projects. See a quick view list of project health and include the alarm information automatically in your work orders.
  • Compliance Management
    Maintain a view of all contractual and regulatory obligations allowing you to assign tasks to other users and create reminders related to these events.

The industry is always changing and becoming more complex. Your whole team will benefit from becoming less reliant on spreadsheets and shared drives by utilizing a software platform that is tailored specifically for your business.

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