Asset Management Vs. Operations & Maintenance

Asset Management (AM) and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) in the solar industry are two hot topics that keep getting hotter. The exact definition of each is blurred but both AM and O&M are necessary in the long-term operation of renewable energy facilities. Let’s discuss the differences between these categories.

O&M is a more tangible, boots-on-the-ground concept. It encompasses the individuals who are responsible for going on site and taking physical action. This could include the corrective response of replacing a broken inverter or preventative measure of trimming near-by vegetation to increase available light.

AM is typically considered a large umbrella of responsibilities necessary to keep operating facilities running optimally from both a technical and financial perspective. The scope of AM can include invoicing for the generated energy. They oversee the technical operation of the facility and try to take actions to improve its performance. Often times they must work closely with O&M providers to ensure maintenance activities are made efficiently with minimal impact to the asset’s bottom line. They may also be responsible for subcontracting O&M activities to separate, low bidders in an attempt to improve the margins of the facility.

AM and O&M are related fields and both are needed to ensure a good asset continues to be strong in the future. Arbox Hap is a software platform that offers tools to help manage all aspects of maintaining an asset. From individual maintenance tickets to aggregation of data into executive level reports, Hap offers it all. Contact us to get your demo.

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