Integration – SCOOP

See how we integrate SCOOP in our platform


A simple, powerful solar management tool and automation software that enables your team to collect and report a variety of field data including form data such as checklists, measurements, inspection results, proof of work, Images and video.

About Arbox HAP®

Hap® is a cloud-based platform serving the renewable energy industry, that provides a clean and robust interface for the raw data analysis, reporting, technical and financial asset management.

Work Order Integration:

Arbox API connects to Scoop's work order management system and automatically transfers any data being stored in each scoop app including technician details, notes, attachments, comments and status of ticket.

Automated Invoicing:

Create and distribute invoices within HAP from work order details that have been linked from Scoop

Document Management:

 Automatically pull your scoop reports into HAP and store those report documents within your project document repository. All saved documents can be previewed or emailed from the system