Integration – Meteo Control

See how we integrate Meteo Control in our platform

About Meteo Control

Meteo Control is specialized in developing and providing professional monitoring systems and plant controllers for solar systems and system portfolios.

About Arbox HAP®

Hap® is a cloud-based platform serving the renewable energy industry, that provides a clean and robust interface for the raw data analysis, reporting, technical and financial asset management.

Alarm Automation:

Arbox utilizes the alarm event manager within our asst management portal. Alarms can automate or define the information within work order or other project level events.

Configurable KPIs:

Arbox utilizes the raw data from the monitoring system to aggregate and display customized KPI information. These aggregations gives the user an quick indication of financial and technical performance

Report Automation:

 Arbox utilizes data such as the monitoring raw data, alarms and device information to provide customized reports at the project or portfolio level. Our users can select from a variety of default template or define there own parameters from a list of available inputs. These reports can be viewed as real-time living reports, saved and stored or emailed to respective stakeholders.