Ben Raynor – O&M Specialist joins Arbox

Everything you need to know about our Ops Guru!

What is your Role at Arbox?
O&M Specialist
What three traits define you?
Attention to Detail, Curiosity, Down-to-Earth
What drew you to Arbox?

Before life at Arbox, I was working for a corporate giant in the renewable energy industry. This experience gave me a great insight into the industry and the issues effecting many O&M professionals. I was a new member of the city of Vancouver when I first came across Arbox. The company with a small core group of employees was growing, I knew immediately that I wanted to be involved with this project. I wanted to give myself the chance to improve on my past experiences in the industry and help create a product that addresses the many pain points felt by professionals every day dealing with energy management. I hope to be fully committed to providing clarity and consistent reliability for asset managers and techs in the field.

What are three career/life lessons you’ve learned thus far?

Never stop learning new skills
Hard work always pays off in the end
Even when its cloudy, The sun is still shining

What are your passions?

Renewable Technology and Energy Generation
Outdoor Lifestyle
Sports (Hockey and Football)