Asset Managers

Arbox HAP provides an financial module perfect for asset and finance managers. Keep all financial data in one consolidated location that allows for visibility across your entire team.
Keep Track of financial metrics and account transactions across the project lifespan. Automate your Billing and calculate accurate revenue numbers quickly based on your actual generation numbers

Popular Features:

  • Budget
    Upload and track your modeled and actual budgets. Use pro-forma statements to compare your current spending to what was budgeted at the beginning of your projects develeopment.
  • Accounting
    See your Chart of Accounts, Profit & Loss, General Ledger activity, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements, Pro Forma Statements for each project in your portfolio.
  • Financial Modeling
    Assign Project or Portfolio level financial models and adjust these models when your budgets and cash flow statements are released
  • Invoicing
    Automate your invoicing for the purposes of record keeping and shadow billing verification.
  • Portfolio Administration
    Manage your portfolio details, SPV and other vehicles within the platform and derive KPI for each portfolio on the dashboard
  • Expense Tracking
    Tracking your operating & capital expenditures for each project to determine cash flow, reserves, net profit and on-going costs such as land leases
  • Contracts
    Track your contract rates and terms in this popular tool. Automate the calculation of your revenue numbers based on actual or expected generation and transfer this data directly into our invoicing tool.
  • Report Generator
    Reports are customizable and automated using data from all modules in the system. When all of your data is consolidated in one system, reporting becomes much less time consuming compared to traditional practises.

The industry is always changing and becoming more complex. Your whole team will benefit from becoming less reliant on spreadsheets and shared drives by utilizing a software platform that is tailored specifically for your business.

Contact us today to see how HAP® can help you manage your activities efficiently and boost your bottom line.