Do Asset Managers Need CMMS?

Computerized Maintenance Management System is generally used by operations & maintenance providers (O&M) in the solar and wind industry. Asset management (AM) which is a large umbrella of responsibilities which include management of both technical and financial assets, often goes hand in hand with O&M. Given this overlap, let’s consider the question: how necessary is it for asset managers to have access to CMMS?

To answer such question, let’s first discuss what CMMS is used for. At its core, CMMS is used for the following:
• Analyze data
• Staff truck routes
• Track Spare Parts
• Time & Material tracking
• Health & Safety compliance
• Technician performance
• Work order or ticket management

Your maintenance or technical staff use CMMS to keep the plant operating at maximum power. Sometimes this is outsourced to a third-party or perhaps you have an O&M division that takes care of the maintenance of your portfolio. They will keep track of scheduling repairs, root cause analysis, spares and what it costs to solve the problems.

CMMS as part of asset management

Now an asset manager’s job is to safeguard the investments on behalf of the owner and investors to ensure maximum yield. Therefore, it is important for the asset manager to have visibility into these technical systems at some level. CMMS or a ticket board gives you the ability to have a data-based explanation on why your performance ratio or plant availability is under-performing. In your investor performance report you can include details about the correction maintenance, routine site visits and downtime analysis throughout the assets lifecycle. The time for outage and boots on the ground can be tracked.

Best practices for efficient asset management

In most cases companies have different toolsets that are disjointed. They have an asset management tool, CMMS, compliance management tool and monitoring system. The dots are not connected so generating a comprehensive report is generally done manually on excel. Ideally to improve asset lifecycle management a comprehensive asset management platform should be used that does the majority of the functions that an operator needs.

In some cases where O&M is outsourced the asset manager simply gets the reports by email and has to consolidate it into his monthly reports for each plant. This time-consuming process leads to a lot of wasted time that effects the bottom line. The asset manager/MW ratio can be increased through automation and a centralized platform that houses all your data.

An asset manager with a CMMS system can also keep his contractor honest to help reduce downtime. He can have visibility on who, what and when for work orders of each project to validate expenses of the projects on a month to month basis.

The HAP® Platform

Many independent power producers are turning to asset management software to centralize their data. Arbox’s Hap® platform provides a comprehensive platform that includes toolsets for reporting, compliance, time track, work orders and ticket board. This aligned with all your other operational and monitoring data and will allow you to make smart decisions to maximize your ROI.

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