Arbox & Emily Carr Partnership

Arbox is excited to work with Emily Carr University of Art and Design to deliver enriched user experience in the upcoming updated release of asset management software, Hap®. We will work closely with the university to research ways to create better user experience through intuitive software designs, layouts, organization, navigation, and colouring. We strive to make Hap’s operation as easy and intuitive as possible for our customers.

We are also thrilled to work with Emily Carr because we are providing their students a unique experience to apply their artistic talents to cutting-edge technologies in the renewable energy sector. This experience will enrich students’ portfolio and grow their professional skills relevant to their career success.

About Emily Carr University of Art and Design
Emily Carr University of Art and Design is one of the oldest professional art education institutions in British Columbia. Emily Carr’s alumni and faculty are among the most influential and important artists and designers working in their respective fields. The university was named after the esteemed Canadian artist Emily Carr, and continues to act as a leader in pursuing excellence and fostering creativity, experimentation, and innovation.

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