20 data points to include in your monthly portfolio performance report

Your firm has established a fund, raised money to acquire and operate a portfolio of renewable assets.  You want to provide your investors monthly performance reports on the health of 1 or more portfolios. Not sure what data to include in your report? This article addresses two questions:

1: What data should you provide in your investor report?

2: How do you efficiently aggregate the data across different portfolios to generate reports quickly?

Here is some information that you can consider providing


  1. Plants – List of the operating assets with their capacity size & region
  2. COD Date – Commercial Operation Dates / project or plant
  3. Interconnection Date
  4. Trendlines – Trends amongst metrics below


  1. Capital Expenditure – Any capital costs for setting up / expanding the plant
  2. PPA rate – PPA rates / project or plant
  3. Total Revenue – The accumulated revenue with Break down / plant including YTD
  4. Expense – The accumulated operations and maintenance expenses with Break down / plant including YTD
  5. Variable % – The % ratio difference for the month
  6. EBITDA – The accumulated net income
  7. NPV – Net present value for the month
  8. IRR -Internal rate of return  for the month
  9. Budget Vs Actuals – Budget revenue against the actuals for the month including YTD
  10. Income Statement – breakdown of revenue and expenses


  1. Actual kWh Performance vs Estimated – Performance data vs. estimate datasets and weather adjusted dataset
  2. Corrective Maintenance – Any down time and maintenance occurring during the month
  3. Insolation / Irradiance
  4. Performance Ratio – Performance Ratio (%) of each plant and the portfolio
  5. Availability – Plant availability
  6. Weather – Weather data impact performance

Data in reports can be presented in the form of tables, charts and graphs using an asset management software. Companies like Arbox Renewable Energy offer asset management solutions that provides you a dashboard that aggregates data across an individual portfolio and presents data at a glance. Portfolio reports in excel or pdf format can be auto-generated on a month to month basis. Restricted investor portals can be made available to your partners and financiers for quick access to their investments.

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