Sustainable Thinkers. Software Experts.

Arbox specializes in asset management & O&M software in the solar & wind industry

Sustainable Thinkers. Software Experts.

Arbox specializes in asset management & O&M software in the solar & wind industry

Our Story

Arbox was born when a solar asset management firm was looking for a comprehensive software platform that consolidated and aggregated all their data into one system. The criteria was they wanted to track the portfolio of assets, monitor the performance, oversee the finances and automate the billing and reporting.
The existing solutions was lacking cohesiveness and the client found themselves using different software for different day to day tasks.
Arbox developed a comprehensive solutions based on market validation and feedback. The platform is flexible, and kills two birds with one stone. It enables or customers to perform both technical and financial asset management in one platform.

What We Do

Our flagship product HAP® is an asset management platform designed for technical and financial asset management. We help our customers do more with less through automation.

Through integration we pull customers data from multiple data sources into a single user friendly platform. Data is generally pulled from monitoring systems, file management, compliance, CMMS and accounting systems making it easy for our customers to have an overall picture of their portfolio.

Software Guide

Our Purpose

Develop software that accelerates the adoption of renewable energy.

Our Principles

  • Trust

    We work hard to gain our customer’s trust, and believe in going beyond the call of duty to maintain it.

  • Deliver

    Arbox stands by its word and delivers on what it sets to achieve for our customers.

  • Accountability

    Measuring and learning from negative outcomes to evolve as a team and deliver world class service.

The Team

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, our team consist of energy experts and software developers with multitude of experience in the solar and wind market.

We have a common goal of developing leading age software that brings value to our customers based on customer validation and agile development. We are passionate about sustainability and leverage technology to bring value to the table.

Our culture is work hard play hard. We are a group of dudes and gals dedicated to a common goal of building awesome software but we have fun along the way.

Why Arbox®?

  • Connector.Connector.

    Onboarding timeline Guarantee

    No matter what your portfolio size is, we will provide you a timeline and gauranteed that you will be up and running by the promised date in a systematic and organized fashion

  • Connector.Connector.

    Free Customization

    We understand that each one of our customers is different & has different requirements so customization is free. Free customization is possible because our platform was designed in a modular fashion from the ground up & can be easily customized

  • Connector.Connector.

    Dedicated Client Care

    We take client care serious. It is foundation of our success. That’s why all of our customers have access to a dedicated client-care rep who will work to understand your requirements and address your needs

  • Connector.Connector.

    Proof of concept

    Not sure if this solution is right for you? Sign up for a proof of concept agreement for to gain our trust and see the software in action. Identify improvements and have the development team build enhance the features that best suitable to you


Interested in joining our team? Check out our Careers page for open opportunities.